Tuesday, February 21, 2012


You might have read that the federal government has pulled the SURE document that listed the projects that would be undertaken from the gains from the removal of fuel subsidy. The president said the SURE document is an old and un-implementable.
As expected there are people who feel that the president is being sincere and Nigerians should not expect any subsidy gains because we cannot have our cake and eat it. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the administration is just trying to play “smart” and did not intend to implement any of the projects. That the President could state on record that the document was hurriedly conceptualized says something about those who lead us.

That said, I have some questions.
  • Why should this government be trusted? I remember Mrs. Iweala defending the SURE document during the strike and stated that the document was not hurriedly put together and that it was put together in November- well the President has made her a liar.
  • Why waste money printing and distributing a plan that the government knew would not be implemented?
  •  The strike was suspended about 6 weeks ago, how come the “new realizable” document has not been written and produced?
  • What is the SURE board to supervise now?
  • Is SURE still sure?

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