Sunday, January 01, 2012

Here we go

Happy new year people or is it?
Boko haram did not strike today, maybe they got the intel that PPPRA would strike. The minister for finance said that we should start believing that the government would work for us. She said, “we need to rebuild this trust that has been broken and we need to do it by starting with the difficult issues”. I wonder if fuel subsidy removal is the most difficult issue that the government needs to start with? Why not start with electricity?How can we believe that the government would work for us when it is one failed promise after the other?
I am a disillusioned Nigerian but something in me hopes that things would get better.
This blog would serve two purposes (well maybe three). First, there would be a plenty commentary (read venting and ranting).
Second, this blog would be an avenue where we (readers and I) would propose solutions to specific issue. Specific problems such as how do we help students truly learn? How can we ensure transparency in government?  What is the problem with PHCN and is generating electricity rocket science??
Am I idealistic? Well maybe but I’m willing to give this a try.
So let’s start.



  1. Nigerian politicians can't be trusted. To be able to build trust, first let me see what you have done in the past and I can trust you.

    PHCN is too big an issue to start on o... I guess once corruption gets eliminated gradually, we can start working on PHCN.

    One thing I still don't get is this Federal Character ish (I hope am right); putting someone in a position because he or she is from a particular part of the country; to balance the equation they say. I think that's one of our major problems.

  2. Good One Dearie. Great start to a new year!