Friday, January 20, 2012

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Caveat: I do not come to the "fuel subsidy" debate tabula rasa. 

The protests against fuel price hike has thrown up many issues that I wrongly thought passed with the military era- restrictions on movement and speech by the government, the deployment of troops to Lagos, Kano and Kaduna and harassment of protesters.  The oppression and harassment of innocent citizens by the police, SSS and army is unacceptable especially when the government claims it is helpless against Boko haram.
It is not surprising though that tribalism still remains with us as our president’s Niger-Delta kinsmen are alleging that the rest of Nigeria is against their son. See Annkio Briggs call here and Segun Adeniyi’s take on ethnic dimension on the subsidy issue

I digress. Below are three articles that are close to my views on the fuel subsidy issue.  Prof Sagay's interview, Funke Aboyade and Femi Falana’s op-ed. For the sake of fairness, here is Atedo Peterside’s on why fuel subsidy has to be removed.

Happy reading.
I rest my case

Does anyone know those behind the N2N in your face adverts?- they need a new job description.
Government officials need to learn how to talk to people and spend time on learning PR skills. All the ministers that sold fuel subsidy did more damage than good. They were so condescending in their speeches. Nigerians are not dumb- we quite educated. People in government need to LISTEN. They are not our lords and masters, they are there to serve.
Lastly, you can follow the house probe on the fuel subsidy issue on Channels T.V

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