Thursday, May 17, 2012

Writing out loud

This post is a short one on questions I wonder about.

I wonder if our culture and values are predicated on Africa’s poor economic situation. I wonder what our values would be like when Africa becomes economically prosperous. Would women be regarded as people or would they still be seen as properties? Would we be as religious as we are now when we have good roads, water etc.? Would parents still instill the values of honesty, respect and integrity in their children? Would children still respect and honour their parents. Would parents have to depend on their savings or whatever form of social security we come up with?
I ask these questions because a review of the West shows that at a point in the history of Western countries, we shared the same values.  Issues such as corruption, underdevelopment marital and domestic abuse, religiosity - the whole phase we are currently - was the Western Experience.  The West industrialized  and things changed. Western countries became better developed such that even though issues such as corruption and domestic abuse still exists, there are remedies available to address it. This is unlike the African situation where we are sitting ducks
Lets also take a look at China (minus her unique democratic ideal and system of government). The nature of china’s economic development is  different yet similar to that of the West.  The country has been able to retain her  values whilst rapidly growing and improving the life of her citizens. At some point we should achieve economic growth that would translate into higher standards of living. However, I wonder if we would retain our current values like China or follow the West and become “modernized”

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