Thursday, February 21, 2013

Answers Anyone?

Does lack or deprivation give you a sense of entitlement and the right to expect others do things for you? I ask because on my way home from work I see vagrants who “wash” windscreens expecting you to tip them or just gather around your window begging you for money. These vagrants “select” the people they approach. They would stand around your car window pray and wheedle you. If you do not give them money, they would curse you and leave; if you do, they would still retort something along the lines of you-know-you-will-give-us-money- and-you- made- us- wait-so-long. Likewise, support staff (read: drivers, security men, helps, cleaners, nannies) believe that they are allowed to cheat you, disregard you and not appreciate when you bend over backwards for them  for because you live a better life and it is their right.

Does their sense of deprivation (assumed or real) give them right to the i-am-entitled-to-something-from-you and “you owe me I am taking what is mine” mindset?  Or do the wealthy- the struggling,  the wannabes and truly wealthy owe them?

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