Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Case You Missed It

Source: Anonymous art of Revolution

As it is in Nigeria so it is in the US. Nigerians have become familiar with police brutality in their approach to citizens and blatant corruption.The US also experiences similar issues though their's is shielded by policy. The New Yorker gives a descriptive account of police militarization in the US. It is a good read. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Citizens cannot afford to be sentimental and apathetic where elections- legislature, local government, state, schools and police board and commissioner elections- are concerned. The people elected into these positions exert influence that affect the daily lives of ordinary citizens- ordinary citizens like you and me

In the course of the week, it was reported that about 100 boys were kidnapped in Borno on the 10th of August. 85 of these captives have been rescued by Chadian military forces. This swift rescue illustrates the importance of quick response to attacks. The 3 week denial and lapse in Nigeria's response to the abducted school girls has led to four months of these young women as hostages. The results of the examination these  kidnapped girls were writing has been released, yet they are still nowhere to be found. Sadly, the lives of these women and their families has been politicized  by the government- through the tried and failed method of throwing money at a problem- and the Northern Elders Forum, who  appear not to have the interest of their people at heart. 

Whilst Chadian troops were rescuing our people, our DSS( Department of State Security) joined Nigeria's political parties in the game of mudslinging. The DSS spokeswoman without any evidence accused an unnamed political party of offering security agents 14 million Naira ($87,500) and coyly thanked God that APC won. Political parties may get away with smear campaigns against each other. Civil servants and government institutions should not. That Nigeria's DSS is politically vocal is a unfamiliar experience that should not become a norm because agencies like the DSS should be seen not heard.

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