Saturday, February 21, 2015

On the postponement

Had the presidential elections held on the 14 of February, Nigerians would have known the captain of her ship till 2019. To be clear, it is within INEC's right to postpone elections within set time frames (Part IV, Section 26). However, this postponement  rankles because the Commission categorically stated that it was ready to go ahead with the elections  but the nation's security forces openly stated that they will not provide support for elections on the 14th after the National Security Adviser (NSA) had called for a postponement. Who benefits and who loses? At face value, PDP and it supporters through various campaigns  benefit as they gain more time to contain the momentum APC had on its side. But did they really benefit? Since the postponement, Boko Haram- that the Military wants to contain in 6 weeks- has attacked several villages, the Naira has further lost its value  and investors are bidding their time till after the elections hold.  Who loses and who gains?

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