Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tosin, Chris and Charles

Good morning, my name is Tosin Anibaba from FATE foundation. I'm calling to invite you to our program on on 29th of March. There has been concern among our alumni on what 2012 holds with fuel subsidy issues, Boko Haram and the economic crisis. We have invited Dr Doyin Salami to come and talk to us on the economy and what we can do. It is in lekki. N10,000'.
'Debo check, check, people are paying poo'.

Tosin's voice was lyrical. As she made call after call to people and I'd say in my mind keep talking. Tosin, words can't describe your loss.I knew you from afar and your loss rankles.I can only imagine how those close to you feel! For them: I pray for the grace to bear your abscence. For the grace to look at your empty seat at work realizing you're never coming back  and be comforted that you are in safe in His arms.Your memories, your smiles, your joys and laughter will  always be rememebered and when we remember we would thank God for the gift of Tosin.Hmm Chris Okocha and Charles Ntuko, what can I say? You were ever ready to help with the mentees. It is really sad that you left not because it was your time but because of human negligence. Your memories will always be remembered.Fare thee well Chris Okocha, Tosin Anibaba and Charles Ntuko.

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